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Licas icon Web server framework for mobile devices that provides a flexible architecture, enabling you to create distributed service-based networks

Licas stands for 'Lightweight Internet-based Communication for Autonomic Services', a robust framework dedicated to creating peer-to-peer networks.

The framework consists of a server that allows the network services to run, alongside components to link services together and adding them to the server. It features dynamic linking, which allows smooth communication between services, providing versatility and a lightweight architecture.

There are two versions available for download, namely the standalone server and the all-in-one GUI. The first package comprises the stand-alone server and additional packages, such as text processing and problem-solving capabilities, and the AI heuristics. The peer-to-peer server only requires the HTTP address; password-protection is not mandatory.

As for the all-in-one GUI, this edition delivers a working environment that can be used for managing services, viewing network statistics, organizing admin documents, defining access policies, and adding new modules. It allows users to register and add new servers and monitor them from a single interface, keep an eye on all the services and configure their modules and functions. Furthermore, it provides a quick means to allow external access to certain directories for either reading or writing, while also logging all the operations for later reference.

Services can be attached to the server much easier, and new services can be added to the list in the form of JAR files. Configuration files can be saved and loaded, if required.

Packed inside a lightweight package and built in Java, Licas makes it possible for you to create robust and secure peer-to-peer service-based networks, providing advanced features that require medium-to-expert knowledge in programming and network configuration.

System requirements

Webserver framework Mobile webserver Create p2p network Framework Web server Server Mobile

Licas 6.15 / 5.9.2

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